The (not so) Old Man and the Sea

April 20, 2009

I love a good cameo in a movie, so it was with great delight that I was asked to be appear in Stuart Simpson’s (demonsamoungus) new feature, Il Monstro Del Mar.

I was to play a gnarly fisherman who loved the sea, and espoused casual misogynies to his twenty year old son. Who was to get his comeuppance when a Giant tentacled sea monster dragged him to his death, at the bottom of Port Phillip Bay.

The shoot was a lot of fun. I got to drive a boat, fast, and knowing nothing about doing so, proceeded to crash the thing into the back of the camera vessel at full clip. A real James Bond moment. Bang. Or a JG Ballard motif, two boats wanting to mate as my boat slammed into the sexy rear of the other boat. Whatever it was, I thought both vessels were fucked, and that we would be swimming to shore, but only mild scratches were left on one vehicle. Lucky and Yikes!

After getting over the fright of our collision at sea, the real horror could begin as we set up tentacles and blood pumps and gore and went ballistic, culminating in a fall into the Bay in full costume. All great stuff.

Stuart Simpson is a great director, fun to work with, he worked at a good pace with a great concept and clear vision. Very happy to have been a small part of his new feature.

Here are two stills on land, for all you land lovers, from the shoot, one with me and Stu, and another of me alone as the proud doomed sea dog.


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