The wonderful Scott Coffey

April 18, 2009

Actor, Indy filmmaker, surrealist, and sometime David Lynch collaborator, Scott Coffey has a wonderful website of his work, see here.

Its got some really cool content like shorts, clips, text, etc.

He made a feature recently with Oz’s Naomi Watts called, “Ellie Parker”, check it out! I saw it this week and loved it…amazing performance from Watts, edgy, avant garde, LA style funny and a great digi feature. Here is the trailer:

He has a new feature in the works, too, so he’s a filmmaker to watch, I’d say…

Check out two other clips of interest, one for the cool Radiohead song “Two Minute Warning” from the ‘other’ InRainbows disc, about some people fucking up a forest in Oregon with a pipeline, and a clip from a short called The Vision with a cameo from Lynch, both of  which I like. Both are found here on the video page of his site.

…”This is just a nightmare, soon we’re gonna wake up”…

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