Obama as Anti Christ

April 17, 2009


Here is an interesting video from Alex Jones about the fraud that is Obama, called The Obama Deception, while its slightly hysterical, it makes some salient points about an unaccountable, irresponsible and out of control elite behind world politics. Whether you buy some of the conspiracy stuff is up to you, but the point that Obama is a stooge for big finance, and all the old values of the Bush era, and beyond, seems to be held up by the facts since he took office. You won’t believe some of the info about him in this doco!

I’m going to write a post about Conspiracy theories as phenomenon this weekend to further develop some ideas raised here.

Here is part one and two of a 110 minute movie click to go to You Tube to watch the rest. Just watch these two ten minute clips… and you’ll want to watch the rest…

2 Responses to “Obama as Anti Christ”

  1. Yeah I don’t buy into any of it.

  2. I watched this clip in its entirety a while ago. I agree that it tends towards the hysterical, yet I can’t help but basically agree with the general gist of it. Obama is no saviour; basically he’s just a nicer front guy for the same old ultra-capitalist hacks. When all is said and done, on the big economic issues, it’s business as usual, with just a little cosmetic tinkling around the edges to appease the lefty liberals.

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