Phil Spector Guilty… of hair offence

April 14, 2009

In an American crime first a celebrity has been found guilty of a serious crime, 2nd Degree murder. Phil Specter, the 60’s ‘wall o’ sound’ guru has been found guilty of popping some bitch. Giddle Partridge online at Facebook has been singing his praises and innocence, and I’m down for supporting any guy who produced ‘Let it Be’ and ‘Imagine’. I mean OJ, Jackson and Blake all got a free pass…why not Mr.Spector arguably the most avant garde and creative of the lot?!

What really stands out though, and is beyond the pale, is Phil Spector’s hair. Surely a crime against hair dressers and dressing everywhere.

What will become of Phil? Perhaps on appeal he will be acquitted. But, no matter what, he should really hunt down a new barber or wig maker…


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