You’ve been Baader Meinhofed, bitch

April 13, 2009

I like the Baader Meinhof (or Red Army Faction – RAF), a group of Left wing terrorist radicals and nutters who took it to ‘the man’ in the late 60’s and 70’s. Until it all ended in tears in a hail of bullets and blood shed at the hands of the Capitalist stooges. Either that, or remaining members died in jail, or rotted there. There was something truly revolutionary about the RAF. There was a sly Godardesque romanticism and Reichian sexual revolutionary cool about them all, too.

There was a time when Indy Terrorist’s also came from Western countries. What has happened to so emasculate youth that they can’t imagine or act to envision a society outside their Capitalist slave masters, who are the mainstream terrorists anyway?  How come all today’s terrorists come from Arab countries? Ipods and Western comfort, I imagine play a part. But the cause is more deep rooted in the putting to sleep of European Humanity through Western Liberalism and the media. I think its time some Westerners stood back up to the plate, and started to look to the RAF and similar groups for inspiration. After all the West leads in the terror trade. Ever heard of this small thing called Western Civilisation? All founded on wonderful acts of terror.

The RAF were a little politically misguided and naive, but they had a romantic passion and propensity for intellectual and real violence that was refreshing. So we say, Heil RAF! Heil Baader Meinhof!, here at Idea Fix and look forward to a return of their passion, zeal and idealism to The Political.

The Left must talk to the Right. The Left have many interesting social plans, but the Right have the leadership notions, elites and military style discipline to achieve them. Together they would be an unstoppable force…I have always hated the way the Left and Right fight, and its long overdue for a Hegelian synthesis based on mutual respect for what works…

Here are two trailers to a new film about the RAF called The Baader Meinhof Complex, from Producer Bernd Eichinger, who gave us a human and nuanced Fuhrer in Downfall. Eichinger and director Uli Edel here give us a sexy and revolutionary vision of the Baader Meinhof. The historical revisionism in Germany continues afoot as the German Volk reclaim their past for themselves, which is their right after all?

4 Responses to “You’ve been Baader Meinhofed, bitch”

  1. Alex said

    Liebe Ulrike…!

    Ulrike Meinhof lebt und kaempft mit uns!!!

  2. richard777 said

    Alex! Great to have you commenting, bro…

    I love that Pankow song of yours about Ulrike. She was very sexy, no? Wild and anarchistic…

    I’ll write you an email. Feel free to drop in with words of wisdom, every now and then…

    …what does “lebt und kaempft mit uns!!!” mean?

  3. Alex said

    it means “lives and fights with us…”


  4. richard777 said

    She does, indeed, Alex, she does.

    I just saw the movie..fucking great! I’ll mail it to you for your to perusal.



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