The Comedian was a fascist

April 13, 2009


I liked Zach Snyder’s film version of Watchmen. I mean its such strong material, its hard to go wrong? You had to truncate it for a feature. I enjoyed it a lot, and don’t get the disappointment some have expressed about it…

Jon Hewitt gave the comic to me back in 1990 during the making of Bloodlust and said, “You must read this”. I always hated comics but trusted his immaculate taste. Suffice to say I loved it then, and thought, “Wow this really turns super hero’s on their head…”. Its taken 18 years since then until someone made it for the big screen. Its mood is right, its tone correct. Its similar to the mood and feel of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Batman film. We are seeing scarier and more realistic super heros, which is good, as its a boring genre if the envelope is not pushed…

Of course I liked the tragic Comedian best, who dies at the start of Watchmen, the tough fascist who discovers his conscience when he gets wind of Ozymandias radical ‘scorched earth’ plan to destroy part of humanity, in order to save it. The Comedian’s character is complex, he is a rapist, and murders someone he describes as a ‘chink’ in Vietnam, who he got pregnant. But, The Comedian has another, softer side, that of a tortured soul burdened by his realism, nihilism and cynicism. This Yin and Yang makes for a great character. The mixture of humour as a fascist trait, is a very clever addition from Alan Moore. It recalls a dark Nietzschean laughter. Many fascists are of course the worlds greatest pranksters, trouble makers and jokers… and faced with the universe as it is, and the human predicament as it stands, can you blame them?  What else can one do, eventually, but laugh?

A great performance from Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the smiley face badge carrying fascist super hero/psycho, lit up his scenes. Rorschach is no slouch of a character either, his intense 1950’s style driven revenge machine is dynamic in the film. So, too the hot latex outfit of the Silk Spectre for other reasons. In fact they’re all pretty cool characters, in their way.

Anyway, Watchmen is out on the big screen infecting the young and impressionable minds of the new generations with its dystopian message of purge, and renewal…Hahhahahahhaha

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