John Safran is crucified

April 11, 2009


As part of what must be the closing stunt of his new ABC TV show Race Relations, Australian media and religious critic, prankster and trouble maker John Safran has had himself crucified in the Philippines. Yes, with real nails, through hands and feet. Like JC. Ouch!

Crazy? Out there? Masochistic? Self hating? Jesus trip???

Whatever it is…it takes guts, I give him that.

Father Bob is quoted online saying he would have done it as part of his investigation and interest in religion as being at the centre of the Universe. Other Catholic representatives have scolded Safran who has been known to mock religion in the past. It is and will certainly get him a lot of publicity. I’d like to see The Chaser crew top that?

He is listed online in some articles as being 33 (the age Jesus had a run in at Golgotha), but John is 36.

I was wondering how he’d top the Bob Larsen exorcism at the end of John Safran vs God when I heard about Race Relations, and, dare I say it, I think he has!

Safran the crucified, it even has Nietzshean overtones.

Many online think its a brave stunt, which it is, it takes balls.

But maybe its more than a stunt. John, who I know from the film industry and a few social occasions, is, I think, deeply religious under his sarcastic public persona. I’ve always thought the real him has more in common with a middle aged conservative Rabbi. He is into Judaism (…I thought?), but very tempted by Christianity (…I assummed due his obsession with it, and his promotion of Catholicism at JJJ with Father Bob). This act is a resounding endorsement of faith in Jesus, if its meant that way. One that most true Christians would balk at, perhaps, with good reason.

There is also mention online in some news articles that John Safran did it this for his ailing Mother (?!), as miracles have been known to happen after people perform this ritual. If this is true, it adds a whole ‘other’ dimension to the act…

3 Responses to “John Safran is crucified”

  1. Rups said

    By the looks of it, the hammer, nails and wood seems to have been sponsored by Bunnings. Shame that Google are ceasing Adsense for video on YouTube later this April, this would have made a small sum. I’m impressed though, it’s like some kind of ‘pata-mimesis, it’s like Safran might be turning into a bizarro Aleister Crowley. You never know.

    Rups 🙂

  2. Rups said

    Hi Richard,

    I pointed my wife out to your Blog but whther she lurks or comments or not I don’t know but she is an artist (painter) and is currently Blogging on Tumblr under tutti von frutti if you can to have a search. 🙂 Rups

  3. Rups said

    After reading what I wrote, I have realised I should slow down on the keyboard …

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