Charlie Brooker hates you, and thinks you are a zombie

April 10, 2009


Super hip English media critic and razor sharp wit Charlie Brooker is now reviewing the news, after his excellent TV show Screen Wipe that reviewed the media like no other. This new show is equally classic, Brooker’s opinions are right on, his choice of back ground music like Dawn of the Dead sound track, Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon classical music and Escape from New York electro, are sublime and spot on. Brooker wears his misanthropy on his sleeve and has some of the best insults on the idiot box that will have you with pen in hand taking notes. He picks the best topics about which to vent his spleen and has a a rare talent for getting to the heart of an issue or subject. Dare I say it, he has views on some topics very similar to some of my own. Some even say I look a bit like him! I think he looks a bit like Jon Hewitt, or a mixture of myself and Jon to be more precise…

Anyway, Brooker is a discovery, he has a blog here and a cool book out of many of his essays and writings called Dawn of the Dumb that is a must have. Brooker appears to be a ‘Dawn’ junkie constantly referencing it with music from the film over moronic Arab or social unrest to make a strong political point, and even doing his own great Zombie TV show on BBC Dead Set. Hunt Dead Set down it rocks!

Here are the beginnings of the first two episodes of Newswipe. The continuation of these episodes is to be found on You Tube.

Now go away.

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