Kenneth Anger’s Will

April 7, 2009


Underground Film genius Kenneth Anger has a new film out, Ich Will. A collection of altered found footage of the Hitler Youth movement and its links to the  Wonder Vogel movement. I wonder what Anger would think of the Hitler Youthesque Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend, spoken of below and recently outlawed in Germany? Anger further develops his notion that the 20th century’s most notable two images are Mickey Mouse and the Swastika. This film obviously deals with the later. While Mouse Heaven deals with the former.

I had the pleasure to meet Kenneth Anger when he spoke at my Hellfire club in the mid 90’s. He was a likeable, polite and unusual presence with lets just say a strange aura in person, he seemed to like the S&M vibe of my club, and we hung out a bit before and after his talk. I have a photo of the two of us somewhere, that I should dig up. It appeared in Misanthrope magazine. While he was in country, I attended a great lecture he gave at the old Carlton Movie House, he wore a jumper with pictures of the Universe on it, and called himself a pantheist. He played his classic film works.

This decade has seen a resurgence of activity for Ken, with new films, new tours and a doco about the man. The latest of Kenneth’s own work is Ich Will. I hope to see it down under, sooner than later.

Kenneth was going to appear alongside Boyd Rice in Pearls Before Swine for a while. But sadly that was not to be.

Kenneth, Idea Fix salutes you!

Interesting article on Anger below.


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