MUFF X – Call For Entries

April 2, 2009

Not sure if I have posted this here. So, here goes. Our Call for Entries Poster is below. Print it out, and put it up at Universities, films groups, cinemas, at the MIFF office, etc. All over the place…

If your a friend of MUFF please spread the word around the internets of the below text:

MUFF X – Ten years of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival

It’s hard to believe that in 2009 it will be the tenth Melbourne Underground Film Festival. In 2000 we started our festival outraged at the state of the local industry, and the ridiculous programming decisions of Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). Well, ten years later 80% of the industry and punter alike agree that there is a crisis in the Australian Film Industry, and many, many people criticise the retrograde programming of MIFF. It appears we are reaching a point of critical mass here, people.

It’s time now to go all the way…

So, in 2009 we are fighting hard for change in the Australian film Industry. We are taking the fight to ‘the man’ or ‘the women’, as the case maybe in the local industry.

We are moving our festival back to winter. We are holding MUFF in direct opposition, and at the same time as the Melbourne International Film Festival. We are going to be their unofficial supplement of Indy, Guerrilla and Underground cinema. We will be their bastard cousin, whether they like it, or not! We will be a Slamdance, to their Sundance. But that’s giving MIFF to much credit. Sundance they are not! We have had it with MIFF, and we will show them by example how to program a festival. We will hound, harangue and pester festival director Richard Moore to get off his ass, and respond to the current industry crisis by action and debate, and to do more than swan around OS festivals on a paid holiday putting together a hodge podge of a festival.

So, without further adieu…


The Call for Entries are now open to the 2009 festival. We have moved MUFF forward from its dates in 2008 so the final deadline is May 15 for 2009. So, get those entries in quick.

MUFF X will be our biggest and best festival yet, and mark a historical landmark of resistance in the Australian Film Industry. Be sure to be a part of it.

The general fee is 45$. Entry form for 2009 is available now, here:


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