Kevin Rudd is the Manchurian Candidate

April 1, 2009


Well, its official Kevin Rudd is a Manchurian Candidate selling Australia down the river to China.

His policy controversy here. See the Defense Minister (Ha!) Joel Fitzgerald controversy here and here. See the always witty Andrew Bolt here and here.

Rudd is so boring this whole selling Australia to the Chinese almost makes him interesting, if he wasn’t such a traitor…

That whole don’t photograph me with the Chinese Ambassador to Britain Madam Fu Ying, reveals he “doth protest to much”. See here. He knows if the truth of his alliance comes out fully he’s history, like Mao, at the next election…

The true blue Aussie battler’s (and majority) out there, hate the Chinese. And when you think of China’s current human rights record being ‘beyond the pale’, you can’t blame them. This new direction of befriending and selling Oz to China is perhaps a bad idea, Mr Wong. Little Kevin should remember that…

Below Rudd on the way to receive his orders from the Chinese Politburo.

Of course we are partly joking here in this piece. But, only partly!


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