Berlusconi merges with Mussolini’s Fini

April 1, 2009


Is Mussolini back, baby? And where else, and where better, than in the eternally loyal lands of Italia.

Italian Prime Minister and Centre Right Wing politician Silvio Berlusconi, in an unexpected move, has merged his party Forza Italia with Italy’s far Right National Alliance to form The People of Freedom party. See here.

The National Alliance or the Alleanza Nazionale, is considered the contemporary Italian party that is continuing the political legacy of Il Duce. The National Alliance used to be the Movimento Sociale Italiano–Destra Nazionale (MSI), a party founded by Mussolini supporters and ex fascists, no less, in the year after the fall – 1946. See National Alliance here.

The leader of the National Alliance, is the snappily dressed new school fascist, Gianfranco Fini (above, but below da Duce). See his bio here.

He is the joker in the pack, now, of Italian politics. With this merger, he is set up to secede the aging Berlusconi sometime in the next four years.

Will Italy once again lead the way in to a brave new century, steering a major Western democracy on to the road of fascista?

This economic crisis, too, bodes well for just such an out come.

Exciting times ahead. Of course old school fascist values need to be re-examined and rethought for the 21st century, but this move in Italy is a barometer of the times. Young people don’t really care about the errors of the 20th century, but they should learn them. What the new generation wants most is action, power, discipline, community, and a world that they will ‘Will’ to be all their own.

Will Benito have his second coming? Of course he Will, if not here, Elsewhere. Futurism wasn’t part of fascism for nothing, it’s the future…

It won’t be long then until someone Wills a second Vincere…

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