Pauline Hanson nude?

March 15, 2009

These poses of a girl have appaeread on the net. A photographer claims they are Pauline Hanson! Hanson, in turn, calims they are not. A shit fight will ensue. 

Classic stuff, really. Should be good for her campaign?…if she handles it properly, either way. What do you all think?

Hanson is an Australian right wing populist. The closest this country has come to a Le Pen, Jorg Haider, Geert Wilders, Pim Fortuyn, et al., in the last 15 years.

Pauline can put her foot in her mouth on the odd ocassion, and has some unfortunate phraseologies, but she comes from the heart, I’d say. She sees Australia in major crisis, and has her own home spun / down to earth interpretations as to why that is.

I think she was manipulated by the Howard Government to make the Liberals look more moderate in the 90’s. I think they opened their media network up to promote her views, so they could later co-opt them in a tamer version. Now, they are trying to bury her…

I think she has been used and abused by the media over the years, like recent hassling over finances. The worst example of her manipulation was her imprisonment for voter finance fraud. She can be naive, and has had some dubious associates, certainly, but I’d doubt she would deliberately defraud the system. Pauline is an Australian reactionary voice. While politics is a tough business, she should get a fairer hearing, and be treated with more respect than she has been in the past..

Plus now with these alleged Nudie pictures set to cause a stir it will all sex up her quasi fascist image, wherther its her or not. As we all know here at Idea Fix, sex and fascism go hand in glove, baby. Leather glove, that is, of course.

One of the alleged Pauline pics below is of an S&M flavour.  Pauline Hanson as Dominatrix? I can see it…

But, of course if its proven not to be her, we will state so here. In the meantime, enjoy the controversy…


One Response to “Pauline Hanson nude?”

  1. Ivan V said

    The number one news story in Australia at the moment. Sigh.
    If she really wants to quash the story, all she has to do is release an actual photo of herself from the period these shoots were supposedly taken.
    If this was intended to be a smear campaign, I don’t think it will work against her.

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