Bruno kommt zu einem Kino alle über Ihnen

March 15, 2009

I’m sure you all remember Borat, everyone’s favourite anti-semitic Kazakhstanian tourist. Well, good ol’ Sasha Baron Cohen has another ace up his sleeve with Bruno.

Bruno is a queer Austrian TV host who likes to drop Nazi references into plenty of gay talk about fashion. His main schtick is to talk to fashion people and make them look like total assholes, or to talk to butch straight guys, reveal he’s gay, come onto them, thereby nearly getting himself killed or getting his interview subjects rather pissed off. Naturally, hilarity ensues…

I haven’t seen a trailer round yet to Bruno, but I’d say it will be classic. Here are three classic Bruno sketches from Ali G’s show.

Enjoy! And remember, Bruno will Ihren Hahn saugen…

2 Responses to “Bruno kommt zu einem Kino alle über Ihnen”

  1. Ivan V said

    ” SACHA Baron Cohen has tricked his way into the Alabama National Guard, briefly taking part in training.

    The Associated Press reports the actor, best known as Borat, posed as a German journalist and was given a uniform to join the troops.

    But the stunt came to an abrupt end when a cadet recognised him and informed his superiors.

    Staff Sergeant Katrina Timmins told AP the situation was “an embarrassment”, while Cohen’s spokesman declined to comment.

    The incident comes just months after the star was taken to a police station after performing an outrageous stunt at Italian Fashion Week.

    In the guise of another of his creations, flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter BRUNO, the British comedian stormed onto the catwalk during the Agata Luiz della Prada show in Milan.

    Dressed in a velcro suit he was quickly bundled away by security guards and taken to a nearby police station.

    He was released without charge. ”,,25198705-10388,00.html

  2. Ivan V said

    …more details from geek-site

    “Bruno is the leading fashion designer in every German-speaking country that’s not Germany. He is banished from Austria and decides to try his luck in America. He is rejected here as well and decides to get on America’s good side by going to the Middle East to put an end to that conflict. When he finishes up there, he takes a detour to Africa in order to adopt a black baby like Madonna… that’ll give him a boost in popularity, right?

    So the first bit of footage shown was a real series of auditions for extras in an expensive photo-shoot being planned around Bruno’s new African baby, O.J.. Cohen stressed that the scene was about 3 times longer than what will appear in the final film… so essentially we got to see the flabby version, the full best of the best run on this segment.

    And sweet Jesus there are some fucked up parents out there. Basically this segment had Bruno interviewing these showbiz moms about their 3 year old daughters, asking progressively more bizarre questions, probing to find out just where the line was that these women would not cross.

    For most of them there was no such thing as a line. It started rather innocently. Is your daughter easily startled by sudden noises? Can she handle stuffed animals? How about reptiles? Snakes and kimodo dragons?

    The yeses kept on coming. Can your daughter handle sudden exceleration? How about sudden stops? Would it be okay to take out their car seat if it was needed? How would your daughter handle being dropped four stories? “I think she’d be a little scared at first, but she can do it.”

    Then Bruno brings out the big guns and you think… surely, this is the point where the parents step up and say, “Hold your horses,” but you’d be goddamn wrong. Bruno asks how much one woman’s daughter weighs. He gets an answer… about 30 pounds. “I’m not looking for the Scarlett Johansson type, I’m looking for the Nicole Ritchie type… can your daughter lose 10 pounds in 7 days?”

    The correct answer is “You’re fucking crazy, I’m out of here.” But that answer didn’t come. Instead what we got was “We can try. I think she can do it.” Would you consider liposuction? Now the responsibility gene kicks in, right? “If she can’t lose the weight in 7 days, we’d consider that as a last resort.”

    Whhhhhhaaaaaa… I can only imagine Cohen’s excitement when his craziest thoughts weren’t being deflected.

    Then we find out the gig is to hire one girl to dress up as a Nazi officer pushing a wheelbarrow holding a 3 year old dressed as Jew into a furnace. Come on, parents… say no at this point at least… But no. What we get is “It sounds theatrical. As long as she gets the gig…”

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