Marauders mayhem

March 10, 2009

Here is a poster from Mark Savage’s seminal 1986 digital feature Marauders. The first digi feature ever made in Australia, I might add. It was also the first first feature that I ever worked on, in various capacities.

One of which was acting in a supporting role…

RE: The poster below. In the foreground, Colin Savage, with New Romantic haircut in its prime, and on full display. In the background a young and shadowy figure in black. Yes, ’tis me,  your humble narrator… little Richard. The poster was shot in Westerfolds Park in Doncaster after principal photography had wrapped for promo purposes.

By chance, I just saw Colin tonight to shoot the breeze and had a good lively chat. I may decide to post here soon some links to some online violence mayhem that he told me about, and that with a cast iron stomach I decided to watch. Harrowing aint the word…

In the meantime enjoy this public service message from the Marauders…


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