Z Combination

March 6, 2009

I enjoyed the new Australian film The Combination. Its an ode to Australia’s failed multicultural policy, but portends a possible solution. The film is tough and uncompromising in its portrayal of ethnic unrest in Sydney’s West. Cleverly, the Cronulla race riots are brought into it as back ground. This element could have been included more into a blitzkrieg of a third act. But the film stays local and does not really show the effects and actions of the riots, which is a pity.

Though what we do have is a great character study of Lebanese Australians under pressure. David Field’s direction is assured and confident. The performances from the Lebanese Australian cast are excellent, and so to most of the Anglo Aussie cast. For example John Brumpton’s explanation of Aussie racist reality is a great speech, well delivered.

The film evokes both sympathy for The Lebanese community, and yet also portrays inherent structural flaws in multiculturism involving clannish behavior and a non acceptance of Australian values, and way of life, by some protagonists. The message of The Combination seems to be; this a bad situation deserving of our sympathy, and yet it is an unsolvable situation of ethnic tension, that shows no sign of abating or subsiding. This is what makes the film important and brave, its nonPC nature.

I predict it will be 2009’s The Jammed, a great Indy film under appreciated by the mainstream OZ film industry chardonnay wankers, because its a bit tough and rough.

The Combination gives us an uncompromising picture of the West Sydney situation. For example the Lebanese Australian community are portrayed as strongly racist towards Anglo Australians. Like the two racist quips in the film, “We grew here, you flew here” from Anglo’s  and the retort “We came in planes, you came in chains” from Lebanese, this sum up the racism on both sides of the ethnic equation, and a true desire not to mix.

This raises an important question. I have long believed that the political purpose of multiculturism is to breed disharmony and disunity in a community, that makes it ripe for Capitalist exploitation and division through fragmentation. A strong and united people will form guilds and unions of brother and sisterhood to improve working conditions and their nations collective lot with the aim of transforming their society along socialist and patriotic lines. One should observe that the talk of multiculturalism and the PC dialogue of ‘tolerance’ and respect largely replaced discussion of the issue of class struggle in media discourse in the 80’s. This is not an accident. This is a Capitalist maneuver forever displacing the Left, and its legitimate desire to further liberate the working classes from the unnecessary misery imposed by Capitalism’s hegemony.

What we have therefor, instead of class struggle, is a warring and disharmonious working classes, made up of many ethnic groups Anglo, Asian, Indian, African, Eastern European and Middle Eastern, that the Capitalists believe will never unite due to a seething racial and ethnic animosity. This hate is perversely and secretly promoted to Anglo Australia through Capitalist organs like the Herald Sun, and mainstream TV news and current affairs.

The challenge then is to prove the Capitalists wrong.

To unite beyond race and ethnicity. As The Combination shows this can be a tough call… but it is possible. The poor Anglo’s of Cronulla and the Lebanese working class have a lot more in common than they realize. Both are hopelessly oppressed by Capitalism with no hope for any real future and the sooner they go after the Plutocrats who run things in OZ, the sooner we will see a truly united Australia, beyond class and ethnicity. They have a powerful weapon in the gang system that given a certain fascist espirit d’corp, discipline and purpose could be turned constructively and aggressively against the plutocrats in our society, and cause some serious and long overdue political confrontation in this country. What the Anglo Aussie gangs at Cronulla, and the Lebanese gangs from the West don’t realize is; they would be much stronger if they stood together! A film like the Combination goes a long way to hinting at this potentially powerful alliance. It would scare the shit out of the ruling elite, that is for sure, if it could be brought to fruition in an effective manner. Apropos, their lies and counter revolutionary strategy would be proven not to work.

Go see The Combination and support cool OZ movies. And think about how we can politically overcome the seething animosities in the proletariat.

This animosity has even spilled over into cinemas, with some violence in Sydney West cineplexes during screenings, and a decision by Greater Union to pull the film. This is sad state of affairs when such an important film is pulled from release. See here.

For a giggle, and a different but positive opinion of The Combination, go here and see Bobby Galinski’s review.

Below cast and David Field (far right) of The Combination


2 Responses to “Z Combination”

  1. Rups said

    Your point about multiculturalism is easily backed-up by simply viewing the comments made on the trailers of The Combination that have been put up on YouTube – it doesn’t take much to aggravate the wounds.

    Rups 🙂

  2. This sounds very interesting.

    I’m keen to see it.

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