The man/women who loved swastikas

February 28, 2009


Man/Women is a fascinating body artist and sacred symbol advocate who has covered his entire body with swastikas, as you do. You gotta love the swastika don’t you? Its such a cool symbol. Man/women is no mad Neo Nazi, though. He is interested, in the resurrection of the swastika as image and symbol from the legacy of Nazi Germany. If you don’t know, the swastika is thousands of years old, and is a symbol associated with many religious movements, images of gods and God. It is a universal symbol of deep significance, and it is indeed unfair to let the Nazi’s completely appropriate its use in perpetuity. Man/women believes we need to start seeing swastika’s everywhere, and in different forms of usage. And we at Idea Fix agree with his rehabilitation project.

Man/women is like Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, with every swastika telling a different story.

Man/women website is here and here is his friends of the swastika site. Rock out man/women, all  ‘heil’ the swastika!

His book ‘Gentle Swastika’ is also a must have coffee table adornment to be left lying around for your next dinner party.


Here, too, is a cool video with m/w rapping about his love of swastikas.

2 Responses to “The man/women who loved swastikas”

  1. Mike said

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  2. R L Dallas said

    I share your belief, I too have a tattoo of the swastika and have seen it for years as a symbol of beauty. Thank you for your fine work.

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