Double look out! Mark Savage is blogging!

February 16, 2009

Aussie (currently expat) filmmaker and bon vivant Mark Savage (Marauders, Defenceless) has created a blog called Phantom Of Pulp. It is now officially one of my favourite blogs. Mark’s unique personality, and view on life, is a world unto itself. A truly perverted world, but a world all the same. Its somehow a crystalisation of every sex and horror movie or novel, seedy porn rag or pulp tittie book – all tied up with a strange form of curious innocence. Knowing Mark, and having happily collaborated with him, and been friends with him since my teens, I have heard many of his remarkable ideas on horror, sexuality and violence. The experience is something I thought you would simply have to know Mark in person to understand. But through the miracle of blogging, and through Mark’s talents as a writer, he is bringing his inner world to life in his cool, and disturbing blog – Phantom Of Pulp. Inside the head of Mr. Savage is a very strange place indeed. And coming from me, you can be assured, it really is out there!

Here’s some of what to expect: incest, necrophilia, Forry Ackerman, Coffin Joe, Guy N. Smith, slasher films, arcane cinema knowledge to rival Tarantino and Scorsese, giant rats and crabs, torture porn, Garbage pail kids, mutants and freaks, rare horror novels and cool cover art, glorification and appreciation of rape and murder, Asian movies with titles like “White Rose Campus: Then, everybody gets raped”, ultra rare old movie ads, depravity, serial killers, skeletons, vampires, and oh, every form of sexual excess and deviance known to man and beast. Yes, in other words it’s the shit. Pure. Uncut Mark Savage is now on display. A world of pure horror, just like the one we all live in every day, examined with a phenomenological eye for detail and nuance. See it here bitches, “And piss your pants…piss them”.

If you haven’t seen his films get the cool box set “Savage Cinema From Down Under” from Subversive Cinema. See here. You might even spot a teenage Richard Wolstencroft, as a helpful Mr. John Smith in Marauders. John Smith likes to help…Mark knows the rest of this joke…

Here are some of the book titles Mark likes to submit to his own theory of deconstruction and critical analysis at his site. These all display a certain theme, one to rival Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, I dare say:


One Response to “Double look out! Mark Savage is blogging!”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to his site. He’s got some great stuff on there.

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