The Wave early 80’s tele movie

February 7, 2009

Here is the 44 minute 1981 television version of The Wave, in two parts.

As mentioned below The Wave is a school experiment in fascism first devised by teacher Ron Jones at a Palo Alto High School in the late 60’s. Jones in answer to a question about Nazi Germany’s collectivism decided to teach the kids fascist values, as you do, like those of unity, strength, community, discipline, will and power. The experiment was a huge success, growing organically beyond the class room. Nothing bad happened though, except that the students motivation and attitude was exemplary.  Jones cancelled the experiment after about a week after poisoning it in the students minds, linking it to the excesses of Nazism. See details here.

This early 80’s TV movie gives you a rough Hollywood idea of what happened. It stars the excellent Bruce Davidson, as the fascist experimenting teacher, and also has fun dialogue about the 10 million that died in the holocaust!

While the mini film attempts to make a sentient point about the dangers of fascism, it falls to have much intellectual depth, cohesion or nuance on the issue. Sure, fascism can descend into Hitlerism or out and out Tyranny. So too Communism. Joe Stalin is a figure in history even scarier than Hitler in many respects. But can fascism, now in the 21st century, be a force for good, once we acknowledge and avoid the pitfalls of the past?

It must be remembered that Fascism was repressed by WW2. It was never allowed to play out. So much of its post revolutionary terror aspects, or the good it might have achieved in the long run, has never seen the light of day. And fascism of all political philosophies is a long term political dream for the planet. Its vision is often millenarian. One classic example is Hitler’s desire to ban smoking. What would a post ww2 smoking ban have achieved in the West? How many millions of lives in the Western World would that have saved if post WW2 a world wide ban on smoking had gone into place? 100 million – 200 million? More I would say. See the book – The Nazi War On Cancer,  to find out details. Liberal Western Capitalism knew about the dangers of cigarette’s in around the 30’s, and it still hasn’t banned them today. And the West let people smoke into the 70’s until the serious health issues where even broadcast properly. Nazi Germany broadcast health warnings in the 30’s to the German public. An interesting example in comparative ethics I assure you…

But I digress. The main thesis here, can a reborn non-racist fascism be a force for good in the 21st century, acknowledging as it must past historical and ideological errors? Most people with their head in the 20th century would say, “No”. But, fascism is only 90 years old as a political philosophy. Its still young and is once again fertilizing the minds of new generations who can’t wait for something strong, powerful and direct to come along. Much like early socialism and communism there are pitfalls and massive areas of error that history has shown us, that need to be avoided and detoured around, in any future enterprise. What about the danger The Wave tries to warn us about? Sure its dangerous. But as Heidegger said where the danger is, also lies the saving power. And Nietzsche, also, who said build your houses on the slopes of Vesuvius. Danger is part of being and should not be avoided, it should be embraced, and overcome through struggle.

The study, involvement and advocacy of Left wing ideology is a right of passage, and a given at all modern Universities. But the discussion of Fascist ideas and ideology, though close in many ways to Left wing revolutionary ideas, is often considered forbidden. Things are changing as the Left begins to see a fascistic style of leadership might be its last chance of over coming capitalism. So, the Left too is now merging with fascism. But why this censorship of fascist ideas and ideology from most contemporary intellectual discourse? Why would this be?

Its simple. Fascism works. It motivates. It inspires. It organisers. It creates. It controls. It holds sway. More importantly it can win. Its power in the hands of the people, acting through dynamic individuals, and new elites, can pose the only real threat from within to the plutocratic liberal West. And in a time of the economic collapse of the West, its message could not be more prescient. It is a force of such political potency that its ideology is hidden away in the margins of Western societies intellectual history, and over demonized through constant Nazi film and media bogeymen. Why is it so repressed? Because it presents a true path to Liberation and Emancipation for humanity as a whole. It is the only force that could rid us of Capitalism, let’s be honest. Some say it is even the end result of Capitalism, and we are headed that way, anyway…

Everything therefor is gravitating our way. Like a vortex of ideas ending in only in one all consuming political Universal/Absolute.

These are all fascinating issues and questions. And we must discuss them openly. Here at Idea Fix we discuss Fascist ideology, and welcome discussion and debate on the issues. You have entered an anti-fascism free zone, a space much needed to discuss the pressing questions that threaten not only Western Civilisation itself, but Dasein as a whole. Don’t let people tell you how to think about fascism, past or present. After all that would be the type of bad fascism that people supposedly protest against, would it not? Think for yourself. Study the world picture. You might be surprised by the results that can be drawn.

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