The Wave – or why young people love fascism

February 2, 2009

Here is a trailer for a daring new film from Germany, where else (?), that examines the allure and attraction of fascism.

The plot: A left wing teacher holds an experiment with his students to test the universal allure of fascism. Low and behold the young students love it and find nothing but a Dantean ‘new life’ and sense of real existential meaning in their lives that they find in this exciting new form of community that encourages strength, discipline, vitality and order.  Even the Left wing teacher begins to dig the power he now has, as the new elites Fuhrer. The students feel they have transcended nihilism, and found meaning beyond the emptiness of today’s world and the death of God. Things turn ugly in the plot as they do in most contemporary films dealing with this subject. A lot of films try and warn us about the dangers of fascism, because it is such a protean, palingenetic and powerful political force. But few dare hint at or capture its unique beauty, harmony with human nature, and power to transcend all forms of discourse and earthly notions of good and evil.

To become Titans on the earth, gods! That is our challenge in the 21st century…

This looks like a film to see this year, no? Its out on DVD in Australia soon.

Here are two trailers; one short and one long.

The time for action is fast approaching when manifest destiny itself, in the West, will unleash a tide of new fascism, the likes of which the world has never scene.

One Response to “The Wave – or why young people love fascism”

  1. Thanks for the heads up 🙂
    (it’s up on BITTORRENT, if you’re so inclined)

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