Shhh, during Benjamin Button…or else!

December 28, 2008

We have all thought about it. We have all engaged in the odd murderous thought while some inconsiderate asshole talks or uses his or her mobile during a film we are watching intensely. We have all had these fantasies… but this dude acted on it. See here.

And during the excellent Curious Case of Benjamin Button, no less. Surely, that’s mitigating circumstances?

While we can’t praise his murderous reaction, we can surely understand the well from which it is drawn.

My review of the second adaptation of the F.Scott Fitzgerald story to be completed in 2008 – coming soon right here at Idea Fix.


2 Responses to “Shhh, during Benjamin Button…or else!”

  1. Toogood said

    Hey man. I loved your blog’s name. Looks like mine… Nice coincidence, hã?

    Frank’s blog – Since Jul, 7 2007
    Your blog -Since Jan, 2008

    Why did u choose this name?


  2. richard777 said

    Well, I wasn’t copying you if that’s what your implying. I have never heard of your blog until now…

    I just like the name Idea Fix. I have certain obsessions that come up constantly here on this blog, and I thought taken the French notion of idee fixe and Anglicising it, seemed like a cool idea.

    I found the phrase in a book by DH Lawrence, that I was reading when trying to come up with a name for the blog, a year ago.

    It’s kismet, sometimes good ideas or titles happen in more than one place at once…

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