…And good will toward men

December 27, 2008

Israel, just to show Western Christian Civilisation just why we had the largesse to give our ‘holy lands’ of Palestine over to pro-Zionists, has launched a series of very deadly attacks on Gaza, in the Christian Yuletime period. The timing of these attacks at Xmas, and during a slow media time, is no mistake and couldn’t be a more deliberate provocation. I’m sure it also serves the purpose of letting everyone know exactly who wears the pants in the region. See here.

The Middle East situation is terribly sad. A true tragedy…

But, Israel should beware, one day 1 billion Muslims are going to make the West wonder exactly why it protects a country of 7 and a half million? Holocaust movie propaganda, or no? And forces it through sheer political pressure, terrorism and practicality, to turn its back on Israel. And if that happens, nukes or no nukes, its Hava Nagila time for the Muslim world. As they exact a revenge that, given the chance, would rival the Nazi’s own, for its savagery.

I hope this is not true.  I hope I am wrong. But for anyone who has studied History, and who can see the geopolitical changes ahead, you can smell it on the winds of time…

Another thought. Even if there could be peace in the Middle East, does either side now deserve it? Surely, though, a teleological conclusion to the Middle East crisis will one day be in the cards…


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