A response from Southern Cross Soldiers

December 17, 2008

I received the following comment from a SCS member:

Hey mate.

I am from the S.C.S in Sydney group. I do not no if anyone would do a interview because of everything the media has said.

But seriously we are not a racist,neonazi,Skinhead group at all.

We are just all proud aussies sticking together. I myself am aboriginal. And i no many of the people in the Sydney s.c.s are from other nationalities.

The media just came out with all that racist shit for no reason at all. We are not racist. We are just protecting our australian traditions and values.

We do not condone any type of violence or threats towards the police. Anyone who does is not a S.C.S and i would like to no if anyone is saying this.

cheers mate.

I have responded to this letter in the following way and it speaks for itself:

Dear SCS member,

Thank you for commenting!

I suspected the Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS) is not a Neo Nazi organisation as you suggest. From your myspace website you look like a group of Australian’s proud of your country and culture, and not afraid to express it. The SCS appears to be a youth group, interested in the political expression of ideas that surround concepts of protecting traditional Australian culture and values. The SCS also seems to support a healthy dose of youthful larrikinism, also. None of these attributes can be considered bad. Indeed, there was a time when being a proud flag bearing Aussie, was a National past time, and not labeled the actions of ‘Neo Nazis’. This cultural shift is absurd and in need of rectification. But it’s clear a question of how the SCS go about furthering their political goals, could be open to criticism.

I do not doubt the multi-ethnic backgrounds of SCS. To think that one has to be a white Anglo Saxon to be proud of Australia is absurd. For example the Aboriginal people, of whom you say you are member, couldn’t be more Australian. Many Greek and Italian immigrants and their children, for example, are more radical Nationalist’s than many British descendents! This transcendence of ethnicity in favor of Australian patriotism, pride and its values is, I would suggest, a noble goal to be applauded, and not ridiculed. And nothing to do with Neo Nazism…

It’s a shame no one from SCS can do an interview? I would like to openly request for one here on Idea Fix, where your group will be given a fair hearing.

Do not underestimate the power of blogging? Idea Fix has been getting thousands of hits daily since I started covering this issue on Friday.

Now is an important time for the SCS to speak out, when the SCS name and organisation is clearly being portrayed in certain negative ways in the media, yet receiving National attention at the same time. It’s a historical juncture worthy of the notion of carpe diem, and your group should seize the opportunity to speak. It’s important to clarify your group’s position, ideas and agenda at this time. Any discussion can be friendly, and address the serious issue of what exactly happened to Tyler Cassidy on the day of his death, and how your group feels about it.

The accusation of an ethnic attack on Tyler Cassidy on the day of his death should be authenticated, and covered further.

Personally, it’s an issue that I relate to. I was attacked twice in the 80’s as a young teenager by two different ethnic gangs; once on my own on public transport, once with some young friends in Collingwood at a bus stop, and it certainly leaves quite an impression on a young mind. The fear that is breed by such attacks can soon turn to anger. I have heard unsolicited similar stories from many, many friends and acquaintances over the years that are Legion. Many nightclub owners that I know, also, blame ethnic gangs for the Melbourne CBD violence crisis that should clearly be solved be a further Police presence. I believe the mainstream media in the service of Capitalism does not often report such ethnic clashes on the streets of Australian cities, and tries to cover up such stark realities of multiculturalism, as it does not suite its ideology.

In other words you will find an interviewee here, who will listen as well as engage your ideas with respect. I have studied many patriot, right or anti immigration groups of various types from around the world, and some have a quite an intellectual pedigree, I can assure you. I can bring some of this perspective to bear on any interview.

Indeed, such groups such as SCS do not have to be racist or neo Nazi at all. Indeed, far from it! This kind of accusation is typical of certain sectors of the lunatic anarchist or left fringe, and paradoxically their allies in the mainstream media.

For example the French New Right intellectual Alain De Benoist believes that multiculturalism as a policy, is itself racist. Its purpose is a racist strategy of deracination (a tearing up of the roots of any society) and is an attempt by Capitalist’s to sow seeds of disharmony and non-solidarity in the community by increasing language and cultural barriers and other dividing differences. According to Benoist overt and excessive multiculturalism has the effect of changing the National identity of a country to one of no identity, and creating many alienated self-ghettoed non-aligned groups in a society, perfect for scenarios for capitalist exploitation and oppression. This all leads to further societal breakdown and disharmony, and therefore further capitalist hegemony.

Left wing critic Zizek, too, claims multicultural discourse and other postmodern minority advocation is a distraction and a ‘macguffin’ from the real issue. Zizek contends multiculturalism and its championing is a capitalist strategy to take people’s attention away from the central issue of class division. He views the obsession with discussion of the rights of various minority groups, as being symptomatic of the attempt of later day capitalists to continue their rule by creating divisions beyond class. Thereby diminishing attempts to solve the real issue, which Zizek and many neo-Marxist’s still see as primarily one of class division.

Both Benoist and Zizek have clear points in their arguments that suggest being anti immigration in any country whether it be Australia, Japan, Israel, England, Uganda, Fiji or Venezuela, can be both non racist, and a radical position of the Left.

I would like to hear the voice of your group SCS chime in on these debates.

We should not allow the debate for national pride, culture and palingenesis (Phoenix like renewal) be controlled by the one party later day Capitalists with their illusionary and specious Liberal/ Labor dichotomy, or their misguided lackeys on the lunatic fringe of Anarchism and the Left.

A third path alternative to the entropic totalitarian excesses of both Capitalism and the Left needs to be articulated. Do not be afraid to be called names, either, most people who think differently are, at first, ridiculed.

Remember once the Christian’s were mocked in the Ancient world, until their religion came to dominate the entire planet, in more ways than one.

SCS do not be afraid to speak out. Here on this blog we will enable you to articulate your voice uncensored and in your own words.

If you would like an interview please contact me at: richardm777@yahoo.com

It will be published here, and only with your permission elsewhere.

Best Regards

Richard Wolstencroft

3 Responses to “A response from Southern Cross Soldiers”

  1. scs said

    Hey mate.

    I have read the blog you have done about S.C.S and still asking us to speak out. I would like to do a interview but i am not sure if it is the right time to do so.

    Because Tyler’s Funeral was today. 400 people showed up at it. Strong media attention also.

    What would be the questions asked if a interview went ahead?

    Cheers mate

    s.c.s Sydney

  2. jasmine said

    hello, im jasmine not in scs but ii know a few people from scs sydney. scs are not racicst they are just very proud auzziiees, like most people they may sound racicst but they are not. scs is one of the true auzziiee gangs\groups and if people think they are fuked up cuz they beleve in australia and tht there are to many people coming to our country then they can go fuk them selfs.

    much love xx

    jasmine xx

  3. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

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