Full Metal Bazura Project

December 11, 2008

If you haven’t caught up with Lee Zachariah and Shannon Marinko’s Bazura Project yet… you have been missing out. It’s a classic half hour weekly movie review show that’s actually really good, witty, young and insightful to boot. Every episode starts with a cleverly done tribute to a movie. Lord of The Rings, Psycho, The Shining, Lolita and now, Full Metal Jacket.

For season three Lee and Shannon invited your Idea Fix host and MUFF director Richard Wolstencroft to be part of the fun in a send up of said Full Metal Jacket. I love that film, and I especially love the relentless tour de force of Lee Ermey’s character in the movie – its a complete classic. So, it was an honor to shoot the following skit. Which I think came out rather well…

Yes, they really shaved off their hair for the piece. We shot this months ago so their hair could grow back for the Channel 31 show. Now, is that dedication or what for public TV!

The James Hewison reference was in the script and is priceless. Our silly feud of a few years back has now officially entered pop culture mythology!

Enjoy the clip and be sure to watch the show online here. I was interviewed for it first episode in season one, also.

What do you all think of my Lee Ermey/ Gen. Sgt Hartman?

3 Responses to “Full Metal Bazura Project”

  1. Greg Maxwell said

    Oh dear!!

  2. Rups said

    Hilarious, this should have been on of the trailers for MUFF 2008.

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