The Australian Film Industry is retarded

December 9, 2008

After the awful The Black Balloon swept the awards at the AFI’s on Saturday night, its clear that the Australian film industry itself is retarded.

What happened to The Jammed and The Square, two great Oz movies, winning anything?

This picture, below, about sums things up. Luke Ford represents the industry, the bath water represents all the money that is wasted every year on crap movies and Toni Collete represents the funding body potentate’s playing ‘Mommy’ to the entire shamoozle.

See Jim Schembri’s article here after he is unfairly attacked with a ‘fuck you’ at the AFI awards ceremony for being one of the few people to dare to speak out and call the industry what it is.


3 Responses to “The Australian Film Industry is retarded”

  1. Greg Maxwell said

    Jimmy the Exploder?

  2. Bauhaus. said

    Writing writers into the picture.

    If above is deemed impossible – beyond capabilities?

    Join a state or federally funded body.

    Bauhaus prod cfm.

  3. Bogunvilla. said

    Things are not looking good.

    AFI winner dealt with austism – Trofest (future filmmakers) down syndrome. Both noble & politically
    correct – but not what you’d call mainstream commercial.

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