This Charming Man

December 6, 2008

Adolf Hitler’s maid speaks out about the personality of her former employee, who she described as ‘charming’. See here.

Interesting story. A little different to how AH is normally portrayed, but consistent with other descriptions from his personal staff.

When will the complexity, dimensions and nuances of Hitler’s character be given their due and explored? Who knows…but I find reports like this fascinating. Did you hear Paul Verhoeven wanted to make a film about Hitler presenting him as a nice guy, at least in private, but no surprises Hollywood didn’t jump all over that one. But slowly people are beginning to look at the Nazi period differently, with less hysteria and with more understanding . At least one can hope so…


One Response to “This Charming Man”

  1. Greg Maxwell said

    Here’s my question. If Hitler was the demented, drug dependent madman he’s portrayed to be, how did he manage to convince so many people to support his rise to power within the nazi party? He must have had some level of charisma other than the often shown brilliance at speechifying. People must have actually liked the guy.

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