Rolf Harris’s supposedly racist comments

December 6, 2008


Rolf Harris was apologising for the original version of his funny song Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport that included the lyrics:

Let me Abos go loose, Lou
Let me Abos go loose
They’ve got no further use, Lou
So let me Abos go loose.

These lyrics are apparently racist as they refer in a derisive way to Aboriginal servitude.

But in apologising Harris also made the following statement that has upset the Aboriginal community:

“You sit at home watching the television and you think to yourself: ‘Get up off your arse and clean up the streets your bloody self’ and ‘Why would you expect somebody to come in and clean up your garbage which you’ve dumped everywhere?’ But then you have to think to yourself that it’s a different attitude to life.” Harris went onto say Aboriginal children were never disciplined or expected to adhere to rules until adulthood, “[Until] then they have a totally carefree life to do what they want and that quite often involves smashing everything that they have.”

What do you all think? If he is suggesting the Aboriginal community should do more to improve their own living areas and take some responsibility for the behaviour of those in their own communities, how is that a bad thing? But that’s coming from a white privileged Imperialist right? Yes, if so, so what? It makes it no less true.

This whole Aboriginal issue is very touchy down under. I’m all for things like further land rights and a treaty, etc. I’m even for giving the Northern Territory back to the Aborigines as their own state. But to imply that the Aboriginal community also must lift its game is hardly racist. Keep playing your wobble board Rolf, Idea Fix salutes you!

One Response to “Rolf Harris’s supposedly racist comments”

  1. Greg Maxwell said

    Aboriginal community? Upset?
    Firstly, most of them have no sense of community. That’s the fucking problem. Secondly, 99% of aboriginals in Oz wouldn’t know who he is nor care.
    This is simply the usual (not very) Aboriginal malcontents like Mansell and Co using the racist tag to avoid scrutiny of their nice little earner.

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