Metlink calls the Karma Police

December 5, 2008

Remember those Connex/Metlink Fare Evader ads that told you people who didn’t buy a ticket should not breath? If not, see below. They signaled, at least for me, an example of the overt threat that is often hidden within Capitalism’s framework being revealed publicly here, at least in a small way. Well the threatening side of Capitalism’s advertising campaign world has gone all new age, and called in the karma police. See here.

Now, if you don’t buy a ticket you will hit by lightning, or sit on a chair with wet paint, etc. This also brings out and unconceals the hidden threat in much new age philosophy.

It is all crap don’t you think? Public transport should be and could be free, for example, at small cost to Government. For a small outlay of money (250 mill a year), it would enable many poor people to use public transport more often, and encourage people of further means to leave their cars behind and reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and other car pollutions.

Fuck this stupid ad campaign, I say. Thoughts?


5 Responses to “Metlink calls the Karma Police”

  1. There’s nothing New Age about that bullshit. I support free public transport, but until that happens, people should pay. It’s not worth the anxiety of being caught, what to speak of the cost and embarrassment if you are.

  2. That karma website is just plain fucking stupid.

  3. Greg Maxwell said

    New age twaddle. The real karma police are waiting for their chance at the jack-booted wannabe copper thugs they employ as their paramilitary evader hit squads. The arseholes who do that job should all be fucked and burnt.

  4. Rups said

    The problem is that Connex doesn’t see anything, they go around stating that they are “all ears”, it is very frustrating.

  5. Ben McCarthy said

    Paul, if you believe in free public transport, then don’t buy a ticket. Your money goes to a private company, when it is the state government that makes decisions on our infrastructure, and whether trams should run. P.T. is not designed to make a profit – it’s a service provided by and for the community through taxation.

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