Foucault versus Chomsky

December 3, 2008

If you haven’t seen this short two part debate from French TV in the 70’s, you should…

I’m with Foucault…his obsession with power as a central philosophical issue is right on it. So too his critique of humanist subjectivity.

3 Responses to “Foucault versus Chomsky”

  1. Matthew said

    Chomsky looks like Peter Sellers.

  2. richard777 said

    And behaving like him too! Hehe.

    Chomsky’s OK in all seriousness I admire his critique of the media and also his anarchist ideas.

  3. Greg Maxwell said

    The staggering level of hypocrisy practised by these post-modern arseholes should be required viewing for all.
    To be railing against the power structure of the supposedly politically neutral corporations as domination by stealth and then to become a part, nay, an icon, of the academic and media elite which completely abandoned any pretense at objectivity and neutrality in the recent US elections shows Chomsky to be an exemplar of the denial and cognitive dissonance that typifies the left.

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