I am Imam I am

November 21, 2008


More news from those progressive Imam’s who have invaded our Muslim community’s to spread terrorist family values. It appears that Imam’s in accord with their enlightened religious belief’s condone rape, domestic violence and polygamy. The later is not so bad, as long as what’s good for the men, is good for the women. But I think you can guess the answer to that one?  See here.

Islam is a decidedly sexist religion. Medievally so…and the Lefty Age is right we must draw the line here.

Can you imagine a Priest or a Rabbi getting way with practices and statements like these?

Yes, its a front page of The Age story, and not the Herald Sun, so you can be sure its upset even the PC crowd, that don’t know how to reconcile woman’s rights with multicultural reality inconveniences.

Its clear that if the Muslim community want our support and tolerance, they must accept our values and show their own tolerance. Otherwise its intolerance all round I’d say. For a start I’m all for discouraging the repressive burkha and female head wear as divisive and un-Australian items of clothing in this country. Thoughts?

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