Bye Bye Bali Bombers

November 10, 2008

Praise Allah in his almighty wisdom! The world is now three scumbags lighter as the Bali Bombers are executed by their own people. Poetic justice is a bitch. Yes, they are Dead with a capital ‘D’. There is fear of reprisals, but fuck it, we got plenty more bullets where those came from. Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, Mukhlas, aka Ali Ghufron, and Imam Samudra, aka Abdul Aziz are no longer with us to bless the world with their presence.  Apparently Amrozi, the ‘smiling assassin’ was having second thoughts perhaps, as he was lead to the execution stake, looking decidedly pale. See here. Is not the death penalty sometimes a just weapon when used in certain circumstances?!

That ought to teach those bastards to fuck with Australians. Enough said.


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