Laibach’s Volk clips

November 9, 2008

Oh, and by the way, while we are on the subject of subversive Slovenian’s here are three clips, one official and two made by fans for three songs from the brilliant Laibach CD Volk (Mute Records) from 2006.

The first features a decrepit Queen feeding bacon and eggs to a series of severely restrained and tortured individuals, symbolizing, I suspect, British Imperial domination. The Queen then draws the English fascist symbol of the cross of St.George on their chests in blood. This is a very poignant clip as indeed we all live in the wake of the British Empire, that must include the U.S – its former colony. When you consider this we still live not in its wake but in the thrall of its manifest historical sway and destiny. The British Empire proper though ended in WW2 with the traitor Churchill, and the countries disastrous decisions made during the eventual Gotterdammerung that engulfed all Europa.

The second clip is about France and features the French immigrant riots of recent years and speaks for itself. Most people don’t realize that much early fascist theory comes from France with the likes of Charles Maurras’ Action Francais and other proto-fascists like Barres, Sorel and Peguy pointing a way forward… “Its never too late…Let’s go!”

And the third clip is the marvelously fascist “Israel” song with the stirring chorus of “My Country, My Land, My Ancestors”. When I hear this song I could not care if Israel took over the entire Middle East. Beautiful! The clip is dull, juts an Israeli flag but the song speaks louder than words…Zion be praised!

All three songs/clips point out aspects of ideas that surround transcendental fascism, in their own unique way of course…

One Response to “Laibach’s Volk clips”

  1. Rupert said

    Laibach are one of my favourite groups, I used to have many of their albums when I was younger, loved “Life is Life” etc, they also produce some of the best satirical pop covers, don’t know if you’ve heard their entire covers of Beatles albums etc. Their new album Volk is based on national anthems from around the world. I even once considered signing up with the NSK when I was a teenager.

    🙂 Rupert

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