I like Barack Obama

November 5, 2008


To balance my support for George W Bush (see below), its gotta be said Congratulations to Barack Obama. We got a brother in the White House. That really is something!

I have a reactionary cynical side of me that sees much of Western Capitalism as a Yin and Yang, Good Cop/ Bad Cop phenomenon, with switching sides, of essentially the same party that is the monolithic force behind our era. For example, Republican – semi proto-fascists, Democrat – slightly more Liberal do gooder version of the Republicans. Same switch goes here in Australia with Liberal and Labour. The lines are blurring between the two in many countries, making the point even stronger. I can see not a whole lot actually changing in US Politics. Much like Rudd, who did a few cool things to start with, BUT then turned into a kind of a ‘Howard lite’. So too Obama, will be a ‘Bush lite’.

But fuck it, I want to be wrong! Obama is one hell of a speech maker, and his rhetoric really is stirring.

And he smells to me like he could be a bit of a Transcendental Fascist to boot!

Yes, B.O. is gonna go after the Taliban in Pakistan, and exterminate those scumbags, as well he should. So much for your anti war movement, Obama will give us a proper and just war against these assholes! He will pull out as best he can from Iraq, though this will only further destabilize the area, and lead to future auseinandersetzung further down the track.

Next, Iran. Obama has assured the world that an atomic Iran will not be tolerated. So, war there too, it seems? But maybe a bit of diplomacy, unheard of in recent years, can chill Iran out. Which could be cool, as Iran does have some cool things about it…

He also seems to have an agenda to confront Israel too, and force a peace settlement of two states and a decision on Jerusalem… it’s long past time to sort that shit out! Be tough with the Palestinians and also Israel, Barack, kick their asses into line with consequences.

The economic crisis? Well, its not Obama’s speciality, he listens and learns well but will probably only appoint a Middle of the Road economic team, that may help plug the sinking economic boat a bit. A bit of Neo-Keynesianism, instead of Neo-Conservatism. But don’t count on it…things are going to get much worse there, most likely.

Isn’t it time for a new New Deal or rejigged Bretton Woods type deal? Barack put your deep thinking cap on for this one.


Global Warming and Environmental issues?… Barack should get those right, one would hope.

Look, it is a change. Even a cynical Transcendental Fascist like me can’t help but get caught up in the myth making hysteria of it all.

As a fan of Hegel, I’m always on the side of History, and Obama is now part of shaping it. What he makes of it only time will tell…

Do it Barack, baby! Be strong, be radical, deliver on your speeches. Stick it to ‘them’ and prove us cynics wrong! Change this stinky world, at least a bit, using the carrot and the stick, and you’ll have fulfilled your mandate…

Mr. President Elect Barack Obama you are a black Nietzschean Ubermensch! Idea Fix salutes you.


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