Jim Goad says, “Fuck the Muslims”

November 1, 2008

Jim Goad has recovered from his recent health scare, and Nieztschean Void be praised, is back meaner and better than ever to launch an atheist jihad all of his own!

Check out this classic new piece of writing from Jim, subtly called, “Fuck the Muslims”. See here.

Its fearless.

While most people quake in their boots about daring to show a cartoon image of Muhammad, lest it upset the precious Muslim communities who live in our Western societies, Jim blazes on. These are the same communities mind you, who don’t acknowledge our freedom of speech rights to mock and send up religion, yet all want the tolerance and acceptance shown to them in other aspects of Western society. I mean the cheek of it all! Its like inviting someone into to live in your house, out of charity at their retched living conditions elsewhere, and suddenly they start telling you how to live on certain issues! The UK is granting legitimacy to Sharia law courts in Her Majesty’s Kingdom to administer justice. I mean what the fuck is going on here?

Jim lays out his views on the Muslim Community in a way only he can. I have to quote some classic lines here, for your perusal. These following words are Jim’s and not mine, but they do make some lucid points here and there:

“What’s wrong with Muslims, you might ask? Well, they’re illogical, intolerant of free speech or thought, they have atrocious fashion sense, and they smell bad. What’s to like? I won’t even get INTO all the bald logical and scientific contradictions in the Koran nor the fact that Muhammad was routinely banging pre-teens into his fifties. I won’t even give black Americans a hard time for embracing a religion whose practitioners routinely enslaved and abused their African ancestors long before whitey came along. I don’t need to go there. The problem is deeper and more expansive. Islam is a stupid religion, and I’m here to explain why.”

“Islam’s problem is simple yet deadly: It doesn’t make any sense. The plain fact is that it can’t possibly be true. It’s a crude myth tailor-made for swarthy, stinky dum-dums. Many people feel the way I do but are afraid to say it. There are others who would classify my words as hate speech. Typically, these sort of people gulp loudly and shit their diapers if you say anything against Judaism or Islam, but they also tend to be the biggest verbal abusers of Christianity. Why? Because they aren’t nearly as AFRAID of what might happen to them if they were to blaspheme the Christian god. They realize that making unflattering comments about the Jewish or Muslim gods can be much more dangerous than saying nasty things about Jesus. The danger, of course, doesn’t come from the imaginary gods, but from the fanatical nutjobs who believe in them.”

“Naturally—because it’s so stupid—the meme-virus called Islam is spreading like HIV among the world’s dumber peoples. Islam is reproducing at EXACTLY the same rate that stupid people are reproducing. Remember, these imbeciles are truly dumb enough to think that when they strap themselves with explosives and blast their innards to smithereens, there will be six dozen virgins waiting on the other side of the tollgate. It takes an appalling level of common-clay caveman cretinism to believe such a thing. If you’re poor and halfway retarded, you will in all likelihood over the next fifty years be wearing a burqa or a beard—maybe both.”

“I say we’ve been way too tolerant of stupidity to the point where it’s sucking us all down the drain. I’m all for launching a full-blown scorched-earth jihad on the 98% or so of the world’s inhabitants who are unintelligent.”

And that’s just a taste of what the culturally sensitive Jim Goad has to say. He does qualify it a bit by saying, “There are parts of the article which are intended to make serious points as well as parts that are not supposed to be taken seriously at all. As is usually the case, 98% of readers will be entirely incapable of distinguishing between the two.”

Check out his whole site, it is a work of genius. See here.

Oh, Jim does have a few nice words to say about Muslims…

“OK, I guess Muslims aren’t all bad. They say some cool things about women and Jews, but that’s about it”

You gotta love the balls on this guy!

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