Haider – The Gay Nazi

November 1, 2008

Add to the conspiracy theories about Jorg Haider’s death, the recent revelation that he was gay, after his deputy and former lover, Stefan Petzer, revealed all. See here.

See Haider and the lover he was bumming below. Fascism and sexual perversion go hand in hand. We should just accept, celebrate and acknowledge this fact, and move on. Good on him for being a Queer fascist! There is a real link between homosexuality and fascism, don’t you think? You ever had a chat to any bitter old queens, when they  talk about their views on life? Some make Hitler seem like a liberal! The Fuhrer himself was a rumored closet queen, we ran a film on that subject at MUFF a few years back.

A fascinating article on gays and fascism can be found here.

The latest conspiracy and assassination poop here and here.

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