SPAA le Fringe Day Deux

October 28, 2008

So how was Day 2 of the SPAA Fringe conference?

Kristy Vernon’s The Making of Gabriel was a great forum on the cool Indy genre flick by Shane Abess. I was waking up from Friday night so was grateful for the hour long lunch break.

Then it was Peter Broderick, something of a SPAA Fringe guru, he gave his run down on the old world distribution strategies vs the new world ones. Broderick, clearly has many clever ideas and examples about how people independently kick goals using the web and independent distribution resources. He discusses projects like Four Eyed Monster, some solo pilot video about Van Nuys airport, Jill Sobule lesbian nonsense, The Secret DVD and many other internet success stories both large and small. While I agree 100% with many strategies Broderick showcases, I couldn’t help but feel some the projects he champions, while having the marketing angle down pat, seemed a little light on in the meaningful content department.

I heard good things about the Sue Maslin forum, who produced the new Dominick Dunne doco, and how she maintained many of the rights, and shot an accomplished piece on an International figure… all on a low budget.

Jon Hewitt, back from his hide away on the Hawksbury river, turned up to chat to friends and check out a bit of SPAA Fringe. We hung out with Deborah Tobias, and various industry luminaries joined us to chat, talk good news and have the odd bitch about some aspects of the industry. Jon has been receiving scripts from Hollywood, after his Toronto Film Festival triumph, so we wish him well there!

Saw some footage for a cool looking Indy film, Carmilla Hyde. Sexy girls, latex and leather, all good from my end. Should be playing MUFF 10…

Steven Kastrissios gave an excellent speech to wrap up the SPAA Fringe leaving everyone feeling invigorated and ready to make more Indy films. Gaylee Butler from SPAA Fringe did a great job putting it all together, and I came away with many contacts I’ll be pursuing.

More soon on the new Screen Australia guidelines released Monday.

2 Responses to “SPAA le Fringe Day Deux”

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