I like George W Bush

October 18, 2008

Its so easy not to like Bush. I think he’s a fucking classic with his dumbed down double speak and shrugged shoulder ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. He has given us two wonderful wars and stoked the fires of hatred like no US President in recent history. He has a cool Washington Machiavellian team behind the scenes, who amongst their many marvelous achievements probably helped pull off 911 as an inside job and kept stupid Joe public in the dark about it all. He hung Saddam Hussein, who promised to kill his father, like a dog, in true gangster fashion. He has altered the constitution and laid important ground work for any coming US fascist state. He can’t be held fully responsible for the current financial crash, as he didn’t invent the Int. Banking system, he only helped stress it a bit to breaking point. Which might produce interesting political results as the 29 crash did. Its been a lively eight years. He brought people into politics who would normally be complacent, on both sides of the fence. Think all you Bush haters what a lacuna would be in your life if you didn’t have him to point the finger at, so as to avoid taking responsibility for your own pathetic, naive, complicit and powerless lives?!

I like George W Bush! What’s not to like?

Oliver Stone seems to think so, too.

After Stone’s Nixon essentially painted a human portrait of a controversial right wing US President. Stone appears to have done the same thing again with W.

Here is the new W trailer. I will be seeing it on the first day.

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