Jorg Haider Conspiracy?

October 15, 2008

The internet has talk of a conspiracy after the road accident death of right wing Austrian Politician Jorg Haider, like here. There are accusations of many strange events with this ‘accident’. With Europe experiencing its largest stock market crash and crisis since the great depression, there is serious concern politicians like Haider would in coming years exploit the situation to sweep reactionary, quasi-fascist right wing parties into office across Europe. We all remember a certain other famous politician had some success four years after the 1929 crash. The crisis of Capitalism that we are witnessing, it can be convincingly argued, is a direct gateway toward a new form of fascism.

The BBC and other news sources said Haider died in a car crash traveling at speed, but already accusations that Haider was assassinated are beginning to spread online.

Its a funny coincidence, the crash and Haider’s death, but no more than that I’d say. But who knows…?

There are stories that Mossad was watching him, see here. But his anti-Arab immigration stance brought him closer to the Israeli’s rather than further apart, surely?

He did go on air recently and attack the ‘International Banking System’ as a “mafia” RE: the crisis, see here. Watch the commentators with Haider get very nervous when the ‘Banking as mafia’ issue is raised. Now, he’s dead. Its all fascinating stuff really…

Here is an Australian profile on Haider from 2000, below. Here are links to stories on his death, here and here.

One Response to “Jorg Haider Conspiracy?”

  1. before you try to ban me let me say this, I am not a catholic basher, i don’t agree with the religion but their are Catholics I can deal with, Senater Joe MacCarthy, William F Buckley, Musolini, Franco, Jean Marie La Pen, Jorg Haider, Pinochet, Pat Buchanan, Father Coughlin and severel others but I ask this in all sincereness —did America’s moral decline happen after we let Catholics in politics? Kennedy, before him we had no 60s, no hippys, no sex, no drugs, no protests but after we had all those things—–John Kerry, with him we got abortion and socialist medicine in masachusettes. I am just saying maybe catholics are OK for other countrys but in America it seems like we went downhill after they got in. what do you think?

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