Knee deep in MUFF

October 11, 2008

Our Festival started Thursday, cinema fiends. Opening Night went off, and a full house for Cannibal Suburbia rocked Noise Bar. Tonight the Bloodlust creators double feature Jon Hewitt’s Acolytes and my own The Beautiful and Damned at The George. Come and be part of the fun. The latest news below…

Tickets on Sale at The George
You heard right tickets are on sale for all George MUFF sessions at The George so
get in early and reserve your seat. All tickets for Glitch and Noise Bar are for sale only on the door.

The Mini Pass
We have put together a mini pass for MUFF 9. 10 sessions for 80$ that’s almost half price off all George sessions and a discounted rate on Glitch and Noise sessions.

We love the OFLC
Mein Gott in Himmel! The OFLC has cleared the entire MUFF program. There are
no banned films! Credit where credits due. OFLC we love you! Thanks to Donald McDonald and Karina Lechmere. For once with MUFF and the OFLC its all smiles.

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