Arkan to complain

October 11, 2008

We received a complaint about our Arkan alteration MUFF teaser ad that we have run in Encore and Vice magazine. See above. You can tell MUFF is back, baby!

To whom it may concern,

Im not normally the person to do this, as an artist and traveler, I rarely get offended by a persons point of view. However I could almost cry when I saw your home page with the Arkan’s Tigers altered image. I do believe as artist, we have the right to push people ideas, but this I find purely insulting, painful and immature.

I dont wish to write a long email describing how much hell Arkan inflicted upon Kosovo, but I would like to add that this is still a very sensitive issue for Eastern Europeans all over the world. May I please remind you of the recent riots after Kosovo declared its independence earlier this year after Australia recognised it’s independence. Also that there is 2,000 UN soldiers still stationed  in Kosovo.

I have worked in independent film and large festivals, I understand how important it is to create an eye catching angle to promote a festival, but I feel this is very ignorant and embarrassing way to promote art and puts shame to the entire arts industry.There is already enough pain and anger in the world, why create any more?


A…. B…….(name withheld)

We are messing with the image and I think its funny. “There is enough pain and anger in the world”… and there will be more, just wait and see. At MUFF we like to bring you all the painful truth, whether we or you like or not.

Arkan is a complex and controversial figure read the biography Chasing The Tiger by Christopher Stewart to get the run down on his bizarre and outlandish life.

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