MUFF Festival Director picks for 2008

October 5, 2008

There are some truly amazing films playing MUFF 2008. Here’s is a festival director’s pick of fifteen totally ace must see flicks, that only scratches the surface of MUFF 9:

Gates Of Hell, new Oz horror starring Michael Piccirilli from Kelly Dolen and David Parker

Acolytes, Jon Hewitt, Joel Edgerton, Michael Dorman, Belinda McClory as baddies and serial killers, Clarkesque teens, combined = magic.

Wicked Lake, sexy girls, blood, mayhem, very naughty.

The Horseman, raped daughter, pissed off Dad goes after those who hurt ‘his little girl’, amazing new Oz genre film! With Steven Kastrissios in person!

Deadgirl, straight from Toronto’s Midnight Movies section to MUFF, a sexy female corpse and two horny teenagers. You do the math.

Soi Cowboy, straight from Cannes, Thomas Clay (Great Ecstasy Of Robert Carmichael) in Thailand, hookers, gangsters, a stylish and powerful new film.

Cannibal Suburbia, a bizarre first feature from Jean Luc Syndikas, what Suburban Mayhem should have been! Think Papa Lazorou from League of Gentlemen torturing
a bug eyed freak all in sunny Melbourne suburbia.

The Run, a young broke UK couple import drugs in their stomachs to Her Majesty’s Kingdom, all goes swimmingly well, until it doesn’t. Directed by expat Aussie Tania Meneguzzi.

When You Comin Back Red Ryder?, Marjoe Gortner intimidates the fuck out of everyone he meets in this classic 70’s exploitation flick and reveals that life’s message is essentially shit.

Mishima, Paul Schrader’s bio of Japanese writer and avant garde fascist Yukio Mishima.

Atrocity Exhibition, Ballard’s most controversial and experimental novel adapted.
A brilliant film that equals Cronenberg’s Crash in daring.

The Story of The Eye, Bataille’s controversial novel made into a film. Say no more!

Devils Gateway, Micheal Piccirilli (Gabriel, Gates Of Hell) cements his position as the actor leading the new wave of Ozploitation films. Great new Oz spook horror!

Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker. Amazing MUFF doco in Sexy MUFF about 70’s erotic writer and icon, with John Patti out from the States as our International Guest to tell us all about Xaviera and making this tres cool doco.

Tin Can Man, our Closing Night Irish masterpiece from major directorial discovery Ivan Kavanagh. A surreal violence and intimidation symphony with the amazing Micheal Parle. My pick of the festival.

Add to that Dean Bertram’s a Night Of Horror shorts down from Sydney with Dalibor Bakovic’s superlative terror short The Ancient Rite of Corey McGillis , Ivan Borgnino’s cool SPLIF shorts from Perth, Paul Elliot’s Polyester Books short and Salo doco’s happening, Mitch Davis’s Canadian Horror shorts, Avant MUFF from Mike ‘Bad Lit’ Everleth, classic Mini MUFF shorts,  put that all together and we have the best MUFF ever!

Still above from Gates of Hell. See you all at Opening Night!

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