THe MUFF Academy part 3

September 30, 2008

Here are details of the MUFF Academy for all filmmakers out there wishing to discuss the craft. Check out the line up and see you there!

The Muff Academy Is Back For Our Third Year Running! This Event Is An Important Film Industry Sidebar For All Indy Filmmakers Out There. We Are Keeping It Simple In 08: Just $10 A Day For Three Speakers A Piece At Noise Bar. So If You Attend Two Days, Its Only $20 Or One Session Just $10. What Film School Can Offer You Such A Price For A Two-Day Forum? None But Muff! So Sit Back And Learn At The 3rd Muff Academy, Our ‘Anti Film School ’ Diy
Film Forum.

Check Out The Line Up On Talent To Advise You How To DO It Yourself In This Industry!

Dean Bertram and Ivan Borgnio: Two Indy Film Festival Legends
1pm / Sat 11 Oct / Noise Bar

Dean and Ivan will talk festivals and screen culture at the MUFF Academy. Ivan will discuss the Perth scene including Revelation and his shorts events SPLIF. Dean will discuss the dark art of horror and running the cool ‘A Night of Horror’ film Festival in Sydney.

Jon Hewitt: The Auteur
3pm / Sat 11 Oct / Noise Bar

Fresh from The Toronto and Austin Film Festivals, Jon will discuss Acolytes and going from Indy filmmaker to larger budget filmmaker and how to make the transition with style and integrity. He will discuss his recent festival experiences, giving us all the goss and share his passion for and knowledge of cinema.

Into The Shadows: The truth about The Oz film Industry
5pm / Sat 11 Oct / Noise Bar

A new documentary about the Australian film industry holds a special forum at MUFF Academy 3. You’ve got a camera, a script, some actors and are ready to make your film!
What you don’t know is that that’s only half the battle. Andrew Scarano will be giving his debut presentation about his work in progress documentary, Into the Shadows, that explores the past, present and future of Australian film. He will preview never before seen clips from Into the Shadows and speak about the other side of making a film.

Kelly Dolen and David Parker: The Genre Crusaders
1pm / Sun 12 Oct / Noise Bar

One made “Reign In Darkness”; the other produced “Malcolm” and “The Big Steal”. They recently collaborated on MUFF Opening Night Film “Gates Of Hell”. These two will discuss their new project and the excitement of making genre films.

Amiel Courtin Wilson: The Outsider
3pm / Sun 12 Oct / Noise Bar

Talented new director and outsider rebel rouser Amiel Courtin Wilson will speak at MUFF 9’s Academy about making his new feature doco Bastardy, and outline some of his views on cinema. He will talk about his own Guerrilla filmmaking process and practices, but also share some wisdom on how to actually get Government funding behind your projects. MUFF is proud to have Amiel as part of MUFF 9. He might even play one of his early shorts?

Censorship Forum 2008: Bill Henson’s Bon Mots
5pm / Sun 12 Oct / Noise Bar

Richard Wolstencroft, Paul Elliot from Polyester and International Guest John Patti will discuss the subject of sexuality, censorship and ways to avoid it, get around it, flaunt it and fight it. Paul has many experiences at Polyester as a free speech advocate. John Pattu will discuss the great liberalisation of censorship in the 70s that Xavier Hollander was part of. Wolstencroft will discuss the many fronts of the censorship wars, MUFF’s own experiences and the recent Bill Henson case. In addition, he will offer his own definition of, and guide to, censorship. A great forum, not be missed!

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