So Sambo beat the bitch? – Sarah Palin on a racist roll

September 8, 2008

By now you are all well aware of John McCain’s uber right wing running mate, Sarah Palin. She makes Maggie Thatcher look like Che Guevara. She wants to ban abortion, give everyone a gun, build a fence around the US, mine Alaskan wilderness for oil, and in a new revelation she’s also a good ol’ fashion racist. See story here.

She apparently made the comment, “So Sambo, beat the bitch?” in a restaurant to a colleague, and was overheard, while eating her lunch. A white roll no doubt.

Calling Barack Obama ‘Sambo’ in this day and age, well it makes you laugh. You can just imagine her sitting in a limo with John McCain saying, “How we gonna beat that damn Nigger, up north in ‘Laska we’d sink him in a God fo’saken fishing hole”.

All in all though, Palin is a clever choice for the outdated McCain. She is female, not bad looking, a family women, has a 17 year old pregnant daughter and a gaggle of kids. She is xenophobic and ignorant but looks good in a pants suit. In fact her racism might even win people over subversively, those who are tired of politically correct attitudes, and enjoy clandestine racist jokes and speech i.e Middle America . She might just pull female voters away from Obama too, who has made the mistake recently of touring the world like he already won November’s election.

America is a racist place, lets be honest, and McCain and Palin might just upset Obama’s little red wagon. Anyway, its going to be fun to watch the schamozzle play itself out either way.

Sarah Palin now…

and at 24

She might even win a few male voters over?

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