Wolstencroft Symposia at the 2008 Sydney Undergound Film Festival

September 1, 2008

Stefan Popescu and his crew have invited yours truly to be part of the Sydney Underground Film Festival. See program here. I’ll be delivering a lecture post the festival on Tuesday Sept 16 at The Sydney College of the Arts, see details in flier below. So all Sydney sider MUFF fans, Indy film freaks and Idea Fix readers get your skates on for this FREE event in Steak and Kidney. I’ll be at my rebel rousing best I can assure you.

I’ll be at SUFF for the whole festival too, and shall review it online here at Idea Fix.

Thanks to the SUFF team for inviting me up to their festival and allow me a forum to disseminate and spread my thoughts on Indy film festival practice, the local film industry, and the need for change in both. I’ll also preview the first 20 minutes of my new feature The Beautiful and Damned, so be among the first in the world to see that!

One Response to “Wolstencroft Symposia at the 2008 Sydney Undergound Film Festival”

  1. ursula stamford said

    i saw your talk and your film – well done richard…and well done SUFF for another awesome festival. BTW richard let me know if you want an actress for your next film. x

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