The Sexy International Film Festival

August 29, 2008

Opening this weekend in Melbourne is the Sexy International Film Festival. Put together by my friend Jason Turley it is a collection of films about relationships, love and sexuality. The program looks cool (see here) and will be touring Oz and even Overseas(!), so keep a good eye open for it.

Jason Turley directed the excellent MUFF discovered flick Welcome Stranger, from a few years back, that we love and is released on Accent Underground, too. So get out there and rent or buy it on DVD. He is also the shorts programmer at MUFF the past couple of years, and this year and has helped turn our shorts section into one of the best this country has to offer .

When I first heard of the festival Jason was doing, I was a little concerned to see if it was a rip off of our MUFF section – Sexy MUFF. But after seeing the program and some interviews with Jason, I see he is not focussing on the salacious, controversial and porn side of Sex that we love to revel in and focus on at MUFF. Rather he is doing his own thing.

Which is great.

But hopefully his experiences at MUFF have inspired him in some way to get out there and do it himself in the screen culture arena. Now two festivals have spun off from or been inspired by MUFF (Sydney Underground Film Festival is the other), which goes to prove we are doing something right here at MUFF and in the local film scene.

Also, Jason is playing Tony Comstock’s Ashley and Kisha (one of the banned films from last years MUFF). So hopefully he gets away with it! Lets wait and see what happens…

Idea Fix readers out there should try and make Jason’s Opening Event Sunday Night. I’ll be there to support him, plus I’ll go and see a few screenings, time permitting, as its mad MUFF season, doing our program, etc. So stand by to get Sexy.

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