Theres no one more intolerant than people who hate intolerance

August 25, 2008

Its funny really, have you noticed that there is no one more intolerant than people who hate intolerance.

Kristen and I were laughing at the new Lily Allen single. It is about a homophobe who gets up myspace wunder-trollop Allen’s nose, that she calls ‘racism’ (?) and precedes to deliver an intolerant rant of her own, all set to music that sounds like its written on a five year old’s music box. I like the song, especially its fuck you chorus, etc, but it reminded me that counter intuitively the most hateful people are those that supposedly hate hate.

I’ve always understood a little intolerance to be a noble virtue, surely? Like Goethe said, “That which disturbs your soul, you must not suffer” quoted by Boyd Rice in his aptly titled song Mr. Intolerance. But gee, I know when to give it a rest, have a laugh and say fuck it and not fuck off.

Over the years I’ve always been amused at anti-skins who bash up skinheads, and the like. Jim Goad has had similar experiences, even being assaulted for wearing an iron cross medallion in Seattle, which he talks about on his web site. I mean you have to laugh, and cry really.

Allen’s song is not so bad. Its just funny, as it displays in a pop forum, the phenomenon of the intolerance of the intolerant.

Here’s a link to Allen’s lyrics here.

2 Responses to “Theres no one more intolerant than people who hate intolerance”

  1. Greg Maxwell said

    Richard, you have hit the nail right on the head. It’s my chief beef with the loud Left. Look at how Pauline Hansen was treated. I thought she was an inarticulate dunce, but the crowds that came out to tell her how much they hated her intolerance were far ruder than anything she ever said or did. The response from the Left on any number of message boards when I take a poke at their shibboleths of social justice and income redistribution is just hilarious. And you only have to read the replies section of Andrew Bolt’s blog for some marvelous examples of intolerance from the Left. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were honest about it. I’m the least tolerant person I know but I don’t wear my tolerance like a halo and then practise just the opposite.

  2. I guess I’m prepared to intolerate intolerance.

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