The Olympics suck

August 14, 2008

Don’t they?

I mean what a pile of crap. China is a joke. It’s a games celebrating human togetherness, inside a human rights prison. Russia has declared war on Georgia to celebrate the games. Chinese judges are clearly biased and corrupt and how can you trust Chinese officials on drug testing of their own athlete’s? Oh and public protests are allowed if you apply for a permit to protest, that is never granted, and applicants arrested and sent for re-eduction out of town. The odd impromptu protest are crushed like a bug under a tank wheel. The internet is censored and so to the media. The military is every where, even goose stepping at the Opening ceremony. China is not even Communist anymore, they abuse workers and forbid unions. Mao’s legacy is kind of mindless Totalitarian Authoritarian Capitalism. The only locals allowed in to the see the games are the nomenklatura of the party, soldiers and police who get tickets to the events.

There’s no Roy and HG who at least turned the Olympics into a good laugh. No Ass clowns, no spinning dates.

The Athletes look like Genetically modified or machine like robots.

But hey the female Volleyball, hockey and other such tight shorted sports teams are a good perv, I’ll grant that. A small daisy amongst the dung.

Welcome to the future!

ADDED NOTE: Roy and HG have a show on Triple J called The Gold Ring. Very fucking funny. From Roy speculating that Chinese athletes have their parents shot if they loose, to the hilarious racist mock Chinese proverbs, ads and Voice Overs. Its all laughs. Its a must listen at 4.30 pm on Triple J. They pod cast it to here.

One Response to “The Olympics suck”

  1. rups said

    I don’t know, I may just enter the “thinking” comp, which apparently I am not eligible for.

    šŸ˜‰ Rups

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