MIFF report – the last weekend

August 13, 2008

Sorry I’m late with this. Busy as fuck with my own festival. Its pedal to the metal time at MUFF… anyway, the MIFF last weekend read on…

Well WR: Mysteries of the Organism is great but I won a cool Criterion DVD so no point seeing that bitch at MIFF. Same too Funny Games, the excellent Haneke remake that a pal downloaded off the net eons ago and that I now own US DVD.

On my way into Larry Flint: The Right to be Left Alone, bumped into MIFF director Richard Moore, who I imagine was having similar thoughts whrn he bumped into me. I asked him if he’d come to the debate I challenged him to and he said “I don’t think I’m going to play that game” or “your game”. Its not a game… its just someone who wants open discussion about a few important issues. But in keeping with MIFF’s wall of non discussion, that’s all she wrote. It won’t be all she wrote, though here. More on this later, plus the fun we’ll have at the Debate… if, of course, I can’t still convince Richard Moore to grow a set and attend.

Larry Flint doco was brilliant. It made me watery eyed at this man’s defence of freedom of speech and expression. I felt a kinship with his ‘fuck you’ spirit and agreed at the lambasting of the stupid feminist critiques of Flint. Some call him a sexual fascist. But that sounds OK to me. Hustler in the late 70’s and early 80’s was very cutting edge in written content and his recent expose on Politician’s sex scandals and attacks on the Bush regime showed there is/was life in the ol’ wheel chair bound smut peddler yet. A Hustler staffer suggested getting back to the good old days of Hustler’s hipster written content and I couldn’t agree more. A nice addition to MIFF and another good doco.

Otto: Or Up with Dead People is the latest Bruce LaBruce masterpiece. He takes a look at the world of zombies through a Bent lens, and gives us a tale of a lad who may or may not be undead. LaBruce magickly weaves a mix of politics, gay issues, gross out violence and lots of mano on mano kissing to make one of the strangest and coolest zombie flicks out there. The male lead gave us an Emo style zombie going from stray fuck to film set with Marilyn Manson eyes and a jittering walk. The Lesbian couple are lots of fun and the clever B&W color juxtapositioning very funny. See it, to get it. LaBruce cleverly mixes in AIDS, disease and addiction metaphors without being heavy handed, constantly having fun with the film and using cool music and mise en scene to jack boot. Otto is a first in zombie films, featuring sexual zombies, a long overdue addition, with other firsts like wound sex scenes and bizarre gay zombie orgies. The zombies talk, walk and fuck all in uber sexy Berlin with characters with names like Adolf. Whats not to like? An outsider tale of what it means to be gay in the 21st century, LaBruce a previous MUFF guest and great guy, scores with this new flick.

Who’s Afraid of Kathy Acker was another great doco. Not knowing the full Acker story, I found this fascinating. I’d swear I met her at Hellfire in the 90’s. She visited here back then. Her connection to Burroughs and her radical pro porn post feminist views were fully explored. It had me looking for her books after the screening. Sad she passed away in the 90’s. We lost another free thinker there.

Gomorrah the Cannes hit about scumbag Mafia clans in Italia gives us a searing portrait of Berlusconi’s Italy. Doomed with a capital D. Corrupt as fuck. While a good film, I thought it overrated and over long. The two main protagonists are young and so fucking dumb you know they are going to get killed within 5 minutes of meeting them. Two hours later they do. Other equally scuzzy assholes inhabit Gomorrah’s world. A world that the likes of a Benito Mussolini would cleanse away in five seconds flat, if his spirit could only be reawakened in 21st century Italy. What has become of poor Benito’s once great Nation? Vincere indeed…

Closing Night I always stay away from at MIFF, as I critic them and don’t want to give them a break from my smirking mug. I know how hard it is doing a fest and how closing night you say, “Fuck it all” and relax. I might be confrontational, but I’m not a cunt, as some would have you believe.

A sum up and review of MIFF and its practices coming next week to Idea Fix.

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