MIFF week 1 Report

August 3, 2008

Sorry about late report as MIFF films and my busy social schedule got in the way. My week one MIFF report, mein leiblings to follow…

In Bruges was a fun laid back gangster flick set in Beligium with laconic performances and an odd sense of humour. Soon to open at mainstream movies, what its doing in MIFF no one knows? The Wackness was a little wack as it recreates the 90’s NYC mileau. Ben Kingsley was fun as the dope smoking womanizing psychiatrist but thats all she wrote there of any interest.

Jesus Christ Saviour was excellent. Showing the full concert featured briefly in Herzog’s Mein Leibster Fiend. Kinsky rails against ‘riff raff’ who heckle him in the audience while he performs his own interpretation of Jesus C. Kinski is electrifying on stage and his abuse appropriate. He is just performing, he does not have to agree with Jesus message, and from his antics you can see he does not fully agree with parts of it. But its Kinski’s Jesus, lots of anarchist musings and scourging with whips and fire for the plutocrats, authorities and fools who believe in any system of ideas. Kinski is called a ‘fascist’ and he probably is some form of anarcho-fascist, but in the best sense of that phrase. Great film. Highly recommended.

Probably the dead hippest film of MIFF was Oliver Blackburn’s Donkey Punch from the UK. I saw it just after Devo finished at Festival Hall. Its about three 20 year old hotties hooking up with four likely lads on their luxurious boat and heading out to sea to smoke Russian Ice and take pills. At the height of the merriment discussing kinky sex, the subject of a Donkey Punch comes up. DP is a misogynist sex technique where you punch a women in the back of the head, as you are about to cum in the doggy style position, to give her involuntary pussy spasms. Its mostly urban myth, the reality of this sex technique, though I’m sure some idiot has tried it. Its not in Sade (things like it are, though) and I hadn’t heard of it until this film. Anyway, during a preceding orgy the loner geek of the group is egged on to do a Donkey Punch and kills, naturally, the blonde. Chaos ensues as the youngsters bump each other off – either trying to cover up said death or trying to get away from the cover up to tell the Police. Great film. Young, well shot, dead hip, drug fuelled, dangerous, controversial. The kind of film we need to make here. Made by Warp Films and being released locally by Madman, I believe.

Encounters at the End of the World is the new Herzog and its cool like most of his doco’s. Herzog’s voice over musings on the darkness of nature and the human predicament. Heideggerian notions of Dasein’s purpose as the witness to Being through our being, various freaks and weirdo’s who either have mystical insight or are viciously lampooned by Herzog. All shot in Antartica. I want to go there one day. Not many people. If only the rest of the world could be like that? When did quantity rule over quality? Rene Guenon was right. Don’t know who he is? Get educated to the real interesting philosophers, people…

MIFF weekend 2 report coming soon!

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