Caning ABC Reporter Peter Lloyd

July 20, 2008

Singapore is looking to give up to 20 strokes of the cane to ABC Foreign Correspondent Peter Lloyd for possessing and supplying one gram of Ice to someone. You would have to have fucking rocks in your head to go anywhere near so much as a joint in the enlighten-…fuck it, lets call a spade a spade… barbaric nation of Malaysia and its Capital Singapore. They executed Australian citizen Van Nguyen for a drugs offence not that long ago, savages. Bring back Colonialism, I say, and teach these ‘people’ all over again the finer points of how to run a society.

Oh, the burden of Western Civilisation.

That naughty Kurtz had a more radical idea, “Exterminate all the brutes”…

Anyway, as a fan of caning in general, Singapore caning leaves me cold. Its a question of severity. In Singapore its performed by an army martial arts expert, and laid on so it rips the skin right of your body. Its exceptionally brutal and medieval. I have studied these things and can guarantee you its inappropriate.

They can do what they like to each other perhaps, but Westerners, that’s where the line should be drawn. One has to maintain certain standards, doesn’t one? But that’s OK because everyone values Western standards of behaviour, right?

These images below illustrate what is to happen to Mr Lloyd, if he doesn’t get the fuck out of dodge…

Send in the Special Forces, I say and remove him as a Government journalist and tell the Singapore government to, “Go fuck themselves”. It will feel good to assert our natural superiority, once again. To flex the muscle of domination, over our more unruly neighbors. Pick up Schapelle Corby while your at it. She’s guilty we know, but she should be charged here under our law and not the joke of a what they call a legal system, that exists in some of these South East Asian countries.

Pictures to follow.

Oh, and here’s a photo of one of Singapore’s charming executioners.

5 Responses to “Caning ABC Reporter Peter Lloyd”

  1. Greg Maxwell said

    The charge is supplying ice Rich. Not dealing. Here’s a thought, maybe our friend got caught in a little gay vice sting? The cane is called the Rotan and it’s not a single piece of bamboo as used in the gentler school principal BDSM scenarios you’re used to. It’s pieces of split bamboo bound together which means when it hits the skin, it pinches and tears it.

  2. Rups said

    Peter is a good friend of a friend I know who is also an ABC journo in Asia, we were discussing the possibility of the Pope taking his place?


  3. Bill said

    “…barbaric nation of Malaysia and its Capital Singapore…”

    You might want to check your facts, especially since you’re basing some very contentious opinions on them.

    “Oh, the burden of Western Civilisation.”

    Caning was introduced to Singapore by the British.

  4. Eddie said

    WTF? Sorry, he supplied ICE! if he does not know what he is doing that is his responcibility.

    I am pissed of with these idiots behaving as they do and then complain when they are punished for their behaviour. Singapore does not have a drug problem. Perhaps we should learn something from them. I suppose the damage to drug infested cities is not in you mind?

    Fuck Peter Lloyd. If he supplied ICE of all things perhaps he deserves the full 24.

    I have no mercy on an idiot.

  5. marcuz said

    Hope the strokes feel really nice on his white ass. t’will teach Aussie’s a thing or two about being bad asses. They bad ass some of us from Africa for no reason. It is payback time.

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